IFMA welcomes new affiliates from all martial arts and combat disciplines.
You are invited to enjoy the recognition, prestige and benefits associated with affiliation to us.

How to affiliate:

1.  Send us your C.V. and certifications

If you qualify, we will send you a confirmation to pay the 99€ assessment fee

2. Video and Essay submission.

Following payment you will be asked to  send 3 videos:

-In the first video you will teach students for about 10 minuets a technique

-In the second video  you will demonstrate with your students, techniques according to a list you will get from us

-In the third video  two or more of your students should demonstrating 10-15  techniques according to your wish.

*You will also be required to send a short essay (250-350 words) describing your philosophy in martial arts.

3. Assesment

If your affiliation will been approved; you can pay the 250 €  annual affiliation fee and start enjoying our services.
If not, you will get recommendations as of what you need to improve before you apply again.
You will be entitled to apply once more  within two years for no extra cost.


- Official affiliation E-certificate

- Appear on IFMA website

- Get your own IFMA webpage

- Enjoy our student's grading  program

- Continue to grow with us



Thank you! We will be in touch soon!
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