The Israeli Federation of Martial Arts (IFMA) welcomes new members from all over the globe.
The federation was formed by Dr.Guy Mor in order to:
1.       Disseminate knowledge and information of Israeli Martial Arts Cultural heritage, worldwide, in an accessible and direct form.
2.      Promote and support martial arts instructors, practitioners and club owners in Israel and globally, by providing professional information and guidance, sharing knowledge, and cultivating friendship bonds.

IFMA professional standards are supported by a professional committee of martial arts experts.


A short explanation about the comitee

Edan Harari

An expert in Capoeira, movement and children instruction, Edan also have vast experience in Krav-Maga, BJJ, Boxing and Karate

Dr. Guy Mor

Vast experience as a martial arts coach and a tutor in martial arts international qualifications

Avi Vardi

Expert in Krav-Maga, CQC and a tai-Chi instructor

Roy Faiga

Chief instructor of Shi-Huen martial art and self defense.

Abi Moriya

Abi is a professional coach and researcher, an expert in Kung Fu (9 Duan) and Cabales Serrada Escrima. Being also a teacher of TCM & Qigong he holds a holistic approach towards training. Abi has a vast experience in qualifying martial arts instructors & coaches.

David Arama

An expert in Kapap and hand-to-hand combat

Rami Sasson

Rami is an 8th Dan Ju-Jitsu expert, and MMA coach, representing Jikishin Jujitsu in Israel

Ilan Maylech

Ilan is a senior judo coach and ex- Israel judo champion


Dr. Mor is a well renowned scholar and martial artist, holding a Ph.D. in physical education.  Currently Dr. Mor is the CEO of the Israeli College of Sports and an international professor at Shanghai University of Sport. Academically, Dr. Mor is focusing on martial arts, coaching sciences, and sports management. 
In his carrier he served as the president of the European Union of Pankration and world vice president, Israel national Pankration coach, leading athletes to world top level, and head of the martial arts discipline at Wingate-Israel national sports institution, for almost a decade. In this last position he initiated and operated all martial arts international activities. 
Dr. Mor holds several professional qualifications including Karate coach, Pankration coach, Krav-Maga senior instructor and more. He also holds Dan ranking in several martial arts and combat methods. As a professional lecturer and coach.
Dr. Mor is giving seminars, lectures, and courses around the globe including: USA, China, UK, and Europe. His seminars and courses accept lots of appraisals for his unique way of communication and professional skills. 



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